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  1. Will do! Sorry about that! Will not happen again!
  2. Hey there guys! Just wondering if anyone has had any luck running a Blightfall server with Cauldron enabled and plugins able to run. Been trying for over a day now to get it working, and there is nothing on the internet to help aid the process. Wondering if anyone has any knowledge of setting this server up! Any advice is welcome and much appreciated! Share your stories here, maybe we can piece together how to do this!
  3. Hello there! I have been trying to run a Blightfall server, however, Cauldron has not been working. The console throws skipping errors and boots in .6 seconds which is way to fast for the amount of mods. None of the mods load when I use cauldron. When I use the Blightfall.jar to run the server, it works perfectly! However, I am looking to create a beautiful Blightfall server that captures the true aspect and nature of the game that others are not. I will include some screen shots of the errors that are being thrown and I am currently using Cauldron 1.1291 and I used just the jar then used the libraries. http://prntscr.com/8fw1eo When I do so, this is thrown: http://prntscr.com/8fw1qn No errors, but no mods boot. I also encountered this error, however, I am unable to replicate it as of right now since I am short on time: http://prntscr.com/8fvpx4 If anyone could help, it is much appreciated! As always, have an awesome day!
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