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  1. MC username:simone431 How much experience do you have with tekkit lite? A lot! I can basically build anything! How often do you plan on playing? Daily Anything else we should know? I'm very busy at times, so some days I may not play. Also you probably should've banned the nuke in my opinion. Not going to use the nuke, just saying that others might.
  2. Minecraft Name: simone431 age: 13 How long you have played tekkit: 5 years, and what your qualaties are: I'm more of a ME System lover, and enjoy integrating ComputerCraft into certain aspects of the game. Why you want to join this server: I love small communities, for how easy it is to make friends, and little spam in chat, I also find it hard to find good tekkit servers that have small communities. My friend adventurekid8 told me about the server, and said it was pretty nice, so I decided to want to join too
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