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  1. To illustrate our awesome modpack, as in use on Austeros, and the creativity of our community: Doesn't she look cute and dangerous?
  2. We introduced 7 new races on Austeros, all based on Fall from Heaven II lore. Players can now define Peredhil (half-elf), Halfling and Goblin characters when they achieved Viscount rank. Donators can play as Centaurs, Ormen (lizard-men), Shades or even as a mythical Aifon (merfolk). Check the main announcement thread, 2nd post, for more info on these new races: http://dawnfirerealms.net/threads/austeros.1435/#post-9197 We allow character re-roles (2nd characters) as of November 3rd on Austeros. See this thread for the re-role procedure: http://dawnfirerealms.net/threads/austeros-new-character-
  3. Added Armourer's Workshop mod to both our core and graphics+ modpacks. This enables staff to create custom, detailed skins for weapons and armour. It's intended to spice up lore related items and events.
  4. We disabled DeathControl as it appeared insufficiently compatible. We replaced it with a combination of tricks that still makes a character respawn in Trenton Memorial Hospital after a knockout, ensures hospitalization costs are charged for character, town and nation, all inventory (inlcuding mod slots!), is kept, and that experience orbs are partially lost. To reduce the potentila experience loss of a knockout, players with Baron and/or a Donator rank are granted the ability to store experience orbs in a bottle, at a small price. For more detailed info, check the main announcement thread 'Aus
  5. Added a changelog for all improvements we have made since open Beta launch on September 25th. See this thread, 6th post, for an overview: http://dawnfirerealms.net/threads/austeros.1435/
  6. ... and on another roleplay event briefly after the welcoming banquet, Bal the Desolator challenged the Souls of Austeros after a giant crater appeared a couple of leagues north-west of Rost'aura. The demon hordes brutal forces were countered with thaumic weaponry and skilled double blade wielding warriors Bal the Desolator unleashed wave after wave of his lords demonic hordes
  7. The Praetor of Vednolfir, the honorbale Aela Milanthril, organized a welcoming banquet for all Souls that appeared on Austeros. Many of the lawful inhabitants of Vednolfir attended, and both the Ostari and Nidhoggi sent a serious delegation to represent their people and get acquainted to the folks in the other colonies. Here's a few screenshots of the aftermath. Note that this Seraph couldn't join in to get some shots of the 10+ characters active in the banquet hall during dinner, sorry! Vednolfir Palace banquet hall - venture of the welcoming banquet - Lucius, Nidhogg's Quartermaster, enjoyin
  8. Spudster2k will be streaming Pre-Launch last minute building of Austeros tonight! Over on: Twitch.tv/Spuddylicious
  9. Behold screenshots of the main sites on Austeros upon beta launch! Rostaura hamlet - A cozy yet sinister spawn to welcome sentient souls Trenton Memorial Hospital - Where the light of Lugus never fades Ostara - Home of the Free Peoples Vednolfir - Home of the Just, Righteous and Obedient Nidhogg - Home of the Pirate and Carnival Clans
  10. DawnFire Realms offers serious, mature roleplay survival in a credible dark fantasy world inspired by the lore of Fall from Heaven II. After many years of serving our community with vanilla servers, we now announce the launch of a modded server world: Austeros We have launched open Beta on: Friday September 25th, 21:00 CEST / 15:00 CET. Check out our website ... where you can register and apply for the whitelist. - Austeros runs on 1.7.10 MC and requires a Forge modded client and our core modpack. We support this with TechnicLauncher and two modpack versions: one core and one extended modpack
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