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  1. Bolly, i offer people help. I help them the best i can. But when i offer some people, the take me as a thief which makes me sad
  2. Me and my friend : notchhet156 use the same account on the tekkit fourms and he told me to ask if i could join your sever. So if you could please accept me What is you IGN: YodaNotch135 How long have you been playing this minecraft: 3 years Are you familiar with this modpack: I do play tekkit sometimes, so yes i am familiar Have you been banned from any sever : No, have i not cheated, cursed, insulted anyone and i have never been banned Have you read the Rules on the Forms : notchhet156 told me to read them before hand so I can say yes to this question, so i did Anything else you want to share : My computer doesn't handle modded minecraft that well so is it okay if i use optifine ? Other than that, Just wish to join the sever
  3. Bolly12321, i cant join the sever beacuse it says "Mod Rejections [FMLMod;additionalpipes{4.6.0}] What do i do ?
  4. What is your IGN name : notchhet156 How long have you been playing modded minecraft for? somewhere around 1 year Have you even been banned from any server? (If so for what reason) No, not any sever. Have you read the rules on the rule page? Yes and i fully understand Anything else you want to share? Not really anything else really, just hopping to get in the sever. thank you for your time, and please except me
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