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  1. Sorry, forgot to mention that I'm indeed using kCauldron. I had installed Build 155. Both 152 and the latest one, 168, (I tested them both) fixes the problem. Thanks for your help! I guess I will start another topic for my other question: "Does anyone know how to create a player sign shop with hyperconomy, where players can only place signs above chests and nothing else?" (Unless someone is answering really quick of course)
  2. I have created a custom modpack, which is running fine. Now I am creating a Cauldron server with it, with the following plugins: BossShopChestRegenGriefPreventionHyperConomyNoItemPermissions ManagerPTweaksPunishmentalEssentialsSimpleSignsTradeVaultWorldEditWorldGuardNow I am having the following problem: When a player joins the server, everything is doing just fine, but when a player dies, he doesn't see anything, nothing either when teleporting, while others can see him. He has to rejoin to see something again, which is of course really annoying. I hope you know what this is causing. Btw, doe
  3. It works! I don't know where I got that from in the first place, but now it is from the original website. Thank you for the help! Btw, is there a way to mark a topic as "solved"?
  4. I don't have a modpack api link yet, because I'm creating a modpack, not yet uploaded it in Technic. Is the link good this way? xeotrel2
  5. I am creating my own custom modpack, some errors of course, solved them, tried again, etc. After a few restarts I came up to this crash-report: Crash report crash-2015-10-03_20.13.14-client.txt Normally I can understand crash-reports at least a bit, but now I can't. I hope you guys can explain me what's wrong. Sorry for my bad English. xeotrel2
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