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  1. Hello all just wanted to do a quick modpack update post. Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Work and such has not given me much time for doing updates with the time needed to troubleshoot any issues that might be needed post updates. I will be out of town next week but hope to have time after that to do an update. There are a couple mods I might be adding. Also now that I have finally worked out how to tune the new mob spawning handler Justanotherspawner I will be updating the the single-player configs to reflect the configs I have setup on the server. So if your playing single player an
  2. Just wanted to do a quick update. JustAnotherSpawner has been configured on the server. Jump in and check out the new mob spawn setup, it really makes traveling and exploring more exciting and challenging. Expect a modpack update also in the next week or so, will be adding a mod or or two as well as adding new spawn configs for single-player.
  3. Join the Realms of Fantasy server between Jan 22nd and the 25th to get 500 claim blocks for claiming your first section of land!
  4. The RoF server now features the Worldborders plugin. The Overworld will be a total 12,000 blocks across once the plugin completes the chunk generation. This will provide a massive amount of land to explore and claim without any of the lag that comes with loading new chunks. The Twilight forest has also been opened and given a border 6,000 block across. Have fun adventurers!
  5. Removed Chocolate quest fromt he modpack. In tests this showed removing the mod doubled client side FPS. This was to big of a performance boost to over look. If you had issues in the past please give the pack a try. You will see a dramatic change in performance.
  6. Between Friday the 15th and Monday the 18th sign into the Realms of Fantasy server and claim a special advanced starting kit. The kit will give a tool forge, a extra backpack, and all the blocks required to build a moderate smeltery and get you crafting advanced tools right away!
  7. server news removed, requested by moderator
  8. Don't forget today is the last day to get your free 4 chunk / 1000 block land claim! Claim it while you can! Join the Realms of Fantasy.
  9. server news removed, requested by moderator
  10. Griefers be warned, stay off my server. Any server admins seeing this feel free to view this list of active griefers and add to your ban lists. Realms of Fantasy Griefers Ban list with IP and UUID's
  11. server news removed, requested by moderator
  12. server news removed, requested by moderator
  13. Between Friday the 8th and Monday the 11th try Realms of Fantasy and get 1000 free claim blocks! Thats four free chunks to claim as your own! Gain additional claim blocks per hour of active game play.
  14. New and improved server! Now featuring Grief Prevention " the coolest and secure plot system around! Come check out the upgraded server! Multiworld will be returning soon including the pvp world featuring siege mode!
  15. server news removed, requested by moderator
  16. Website: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/realms-of-fantasy.745085 Modpack Community Website: http://www.gentlemensgaming.co.uk/minecraftserver I assure this modpack will provide a challenging environment and a streamlined set of mods of both tech and magic to provide you all the tools necessary to build magnificent structures and keep the beasts at bay. Do you have what it takes to build your kingdom? Do you have the creativity to survive the darkness? The goal of this modpack is to bring together the difficulty of a hardcore survival pack and the creativity of the players while still provi
  17. Some in game pictures of the servers main spawn in the Overworld with one of the included shaders enabled. Check out the Gallery at http://www.gentlemensgaming.co.uk/gallery/m/34903527/album/258566/syspage/1
  18. Don't forget to check out the forums and read the rules.
  19. Website: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/realms-of-fantasy.745085 server info: http://www.minecraftforum.net/servers/1247-official-realms-of-fantasy Server Forums and rules: http://www.gentlemensgaming.co.uk/forum/m/34903533/viewthread/25392084-server-rules Server Features Challenging survival enviromentMulti-worlds for PvE "Overworld" , PvP "Savageworld" , and Resources "Resourceworld" Abilty to setup factions and capture other factions lands through war.Claim land using Grief Prevention, the best land claiming system around!Ability to setup player shops and ability to see all player sho
  20. Hey guys just launched a new modpack with server featuring Forge Essentials. Feel free to check it out, let me know if you have any questions or if there something I could do differently. Would love some feedback. http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/realms-of-fantasy
  21. Hello, I just made a modpack file consisting of the folders bin,config, and mods. I have a universal forge.jar renamed modpack, it is located in the bin folder. I have all the mods in the mods folder and my configs in the config folder and they are all bundled up in a .zip folder on drop box. The link I used int he modpack location cell is https://www.dropbox.com/s/******/modpack.zip?dl=1 . When ever I try to install the the mod pack I get the error unzipping a file .... attempting to extract .... but it did not exist. When I unhide the modpack it work fine, but I dont want it public right no
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