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  1. Thank you for your message. I am now speaking to "Apex Minecraft Hosting" as they completely forgot to update their Tekkit Legends server version, therefore even if I want I can't run the updated client. I can't say thay I'm pleased with this as apparently this site is recommends Apex.
  2. Small update: I may have found the problem. It seems that all machines and cables disconnect as: - the base is far away (32k+) from the respawn point - there are no active players nearby When I quickly log out and log back in everything is back to normal. I guess this is Minecraft design flaw.
  3. Copper wires keep disconnecting when the map loads - Type of Bug: In Game Bug - Video / Screenshot of the incident: Before: http://imgur.com/x8w4E1f After: http://imgur.com/MMKcaYh - Reproduction rate: 10/10 - Steps to reproduce: 1) Launched Tekkit Legends 2) Observed the result - Expected result: Copper cables disconnect from each other and other devices. - Insert logs: N/A - Additional Comments: to reconnect the cables I have to move the devices and re-connect the cables. This doesn't work unless I move the device itself. Minecraft 1.7.1 Tekkit Legends 1.0.7
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