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  1. Yeah, we definitely have a griefer...or someone who doesn't know how to control nukes/reactors...
  2. I would like to report that there seems to be a griefer using nukes on the server, about 4 of us had our houses blown up. The person who did this is unknown but that's the 2nd time my base has be blown up (...by people other than me...)
  3. Sorry, but can i ask for something to be done about the entity removal plugin because it removes entities such as locomotives and minecarts from Railcraft which is an inconvenience.
  4. What is your IGN (in game name)? Ryuya_SHow long have you been playing modded minecraft for? +3yrsAre you familliar with this modpack? Nope, but I am familiar with some of the mods.Have you even been banned from any server? (If so for what reason) Twice, once for saying my youtube name and another for saying a server ip (forgot to /msg while talking with friends...)Have you read the rules on the rule page? Yep.Anyth
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