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  1. Hey Hexxit 2.0.1c has Problems on Linux. (I think on Windows are no Bugs) The Mods OffLawn and RopesPlus uses the same IDs. I fixed it this way: 1. Open your Modpack/hexxit/config folder. 2. Open "offLawn.cfg" with gedit oder Notepad or something. 3. Change the "Blocks" part of the file. The following works fine: block { I:beanstalk=3000 I:fakeBrownMushroom=3001 I:fakeRedFlower=3002 I:fakeRedMushroom=3003 I:fakeReed=3004 I:fakeSapling=3005 I:fakeTallGrass=3006 I:fakeYellowFlower=3007 I:lawn=3008 I:sunflower=3009 }4. Save "offLawn.cfg" 5. Delete "OffLawn.cfg" 6. Copy "offLawn.cfg" 2 times and name them "OffLawn.cfg" and "offlawn.cfg". To the Developer: There is a differents between "OffLawn.cfg" and "offlawn.cfg". Maybe you CAN do it like every other Developer and DON'T USE THE SHIFT BOTTEN! Linux works perfect. Hexxit not. Have fun My English isn't the best sorry