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  1. Hey Hexxit 2.0.1c has Problems on Linux. (I think on Windows are no Bugs) The Mods OffLawn and RopesPlus uses the same IDs. I fixed it this way: 1. Open your Modpack/hexxit/config folder. 2. Open "offLawn.cfg" with gedit oder Notepad or something. 3. Change the "Blocks" part of the file. The following works fine: block { I:beanstalk=3000 I:fakeBrownMushroom=3001 I:fakeRedFlower=3002 I:fakeRedMushroom=3003 I:fakeReed=3004 I:fakeSapling=3005 I:fakeTallGrass=3006 I:fakeYellowFlower=3007 I:lawn=3008 I:sunflower=3009 }4. Save "offLawn.cfg" 5. Delete "OffL
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