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  1. servers up! Once the holiday break kicks in, will hop into overdrive on server work! So we are looking forward to that!
  2. We have recently increased our server memory! This should remove any lag we were getting from all the players!
  3. Welcome Tekkit Community to our amazing server!. Our growing community on CTG Pro offers a warm place to build among friends and make new ones. Server admins are on regularly or can be contacted easily with any questions or concerns about the server. We have Mods regularly to help with any problems and issues! The list below is of our head staff! If you see these guys online make sure to give them a shout out! MoggleMan01: I am the Server Owner and lead admin. My responsibility is to make sure everyone has a great time and to get new staff on our server while overseeing the gener
  4. Hey guys! We have our first admin shop open for your use! Come check it out at spawn!
  5. Hey guys, we are working on adding minigames! That was the reason for down time this morning, sorry about that! But were back up!
  6. Server will be down for the rest of the night for some emergency maintainance, sorry for the inconveniance
  7. Hey Guys! Just an update on whats going on with the server team. Were working on constructing an admin shop, which you all have been requesting! These shops should be available for use by the end of the week! Keep on giving us your sugestions and we'll do what we can to implement it!
  8. Hi Blake i see that you are upset about our first ever reset, i would like to assure you that this was a one time thing and if you have any problems about it you can talk to the admins. Sorry about this inconveniance but we had multiple warning announcements about the reset. We gave players a three day warning so that they wouldn't get to far. I'm sorry that these messages seamed to go right past you. But like those warnings said, this was a one time thing. The server is in its first week so it's understandable for use to have server resets. This is to ensure that everything is up to wor
  9. Hey guys! the whitelist was only for the date of 10/30/15 as it was a maintainance day! sorry for the concern and the server will be un whitelisted by midnight tonight!
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