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  1. Hi, sorry about that. You happen to log in in our current maintenance period (we posted the announcement in our forums at ctgpro.enjin.com). We are resolving all lag issues right now. Everything will be back up today at 10 AM EST. -[Dev] DarkMastermindz
  2. THE SERVER HAS BEEN UPGRADED! Our TPS is currently a PERFECT 20. Yes! Thank you all donators that made this possible this month. To support our server you can donate here: http://ctgpro.enjin.com/shop
  3. Lately, the server is having issues with players building things that crash the server (overflowing the memory). We are working to make sure that this instance of the issues are resolved in the next 20 minutes and upgrading the server as soon as possible. -DarkMastermindz CTG Pro Dev
  4. Our Community Discord Chat is https://discordapp.com/channels/107544074537435136/107544074537435136 -DarkMastermindzCTG PRO! Server Dev Teamhttp://ctgpro.enjin.com/
  5. THE SERVER IS FINALLY FULLY BACK UP FOR EVERYONE! Sorry about the downtime again and the delay. We were shorthanded on staff today. • ChestShops have been added. The shopping district is being constructed at spawn. • Skyblock is now available /island (Please note: clear your inventory first) • Other Minigames have been added. (It's a surprise for later.) -DarkMastermindz CTG PRO! Server Dev Team http://ctgpro.enjin.com/
  6. Currently, the server it's whitelisted to fix, test, and configure new plugins and will be up for everyone tomorrow (Nov 6th, 2015)Sorry for the inconvenience. -CTG Pro Dev Team
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