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  1. TEKKICITY REOPENED! Tekkicity is a *NEW* Tekkit Legends Server which just recently reopened! Join Now for a Great Gaming Experience! Staff: Our staff are Excellent at working on the Tekkicity Server and are good at what they do!Staff Members of Tekkicity are always prepared to help you out whenever you need it!We are always glad to welcome new Members!Staff are fair and make the correct decisions! Staff Members enjoy what they do!Information: Tekkicity is a newly reopened Tekkit Legends Server which is looking for Members and a 'Great Community'!Tekkicity was once a Voltz Server but popularity was decreasing and had to be dealt with!Our maximum Member Population has been 207!This server is currently being hosted by Nitrous Networks!Tekkicity has plugins more than fit to suite your Tekkit Legends Experience!This server is also an Iron Tier Hosting Service!Tekkicity is a more than enjoyable Tekkit Legends Server!We are prepared for Your arrival!We deal with Greifers, Hackers and Haters appropriately!This server is 24/7 Hosted!Tekkicity was built for your enjoyment alone!Plugins: There are 50+ Plugins on Tekicity!Plugins are updated regularly!Plugin reports are dealt with appropriately!Plugin requests will all be viewed and taken into consideration!Social: Yet to be created!Support: If you require help with anything, just ask a Staff Member and they will be happy to help!Report anything suspicious you see to Staff immediately! JOIN TEKKICITY NOW ON - Hope To See You Soon!
  2. Tekkicity is a NEW Tekkit Legends Server made just for YOUR Enjoyment! We hope you enjoy your time on our server! And make new friends. We are currently looking for Spawn Builders (Or just Builders!) Join NOW! IP - Hope to see you soon!
  3. Help i'm having trouble, when I upload these files to the control panel for my server (I do NOT host it off my computer) I set Voltz.jar as minecraft_server.jar so the server knows to run it but then nothing happens (SO FRUSTRATING!) Please Somebody HELP! There is only a version up to 2.0.4 if you wanna download it off the Control Panel which is a much more easier Method! I emailed Nitrous networks and now waiting for a reply!