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  1. The lies these people tell they are bribed to say this this server used o be good but the constant resets let it down and the admins reset the server completely if they lose anything
  2. Do not play this server the admins are shit and the server will be reset anytime the admins lose a bit of gear so when looking for a server find a different one to this. The server does a full reset every week so you will lose everything and the server ping is shit. We had fun when playing on this server promoting it on our youtube channels and getting along with friends but now we have have received only trolling and resets in return recommend anyone looking for a server finds a better one.
  3. Moggle can we have an immediate conversation about the server as we have not been whitelisted and have been playing on the server since launch here is our discord server https://discord.gg/0c0C3RbX5gZC5Nxl
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