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  1. Update 12/14 -- Had a corrupt world; fresh map.Disabled Mystcraft Mod (Server Stress)Disabled Modular Force Field System (Server Stress/Chunk Errors)Moved Chunk loaders to Explorer rank or higher.Moved Landmarks to Explorer rank or higher.Moved Quarry to Member rank or higher.
  2. Bump~ Changed MFFS to load chunks (Prevent chunk errors/ console spam) Still have scale limits. Handed out Top Monthly Voter Reward. Changed default prefix to Commoner from New Comer
  3. Bump~ Added new Worlds for Minigames Added more Enchants Fixed multiple CFG files for smoother gameplay.
  4. Bump -- Redid Topic. Cleaned up and added features. Update ---- Removed Clear Lagg Re-installed Auto Save World
  5. Update -- Added PvP Mini Game Also Planning to add Maze, Parkour and Death run Minigames -- Fixed Auto rank with Donation ranks (Now recieving bonuses based upon /played time) Added /warp commands to default rank for Shop/Spawn/Enchanting/Minigames. Switched to GAListener and using lucky vote 400 Bonus Claim blocks or 2 Eredium Ignots
  6. Hello everyone! I am glad you have taken the time to check this post out. Enjoy! We are a Tekkit Dedicated hosted server, active community, minimal lag and 5 banned items allowing you to fully experience Tekkit. The server has a fully working spawn shop and portals for players to use and abuse! We also have a teamspeak and website for people to feel more involved as a community. The possibilities are limitless; everything you could want can be achieved through voting and or being active. The Auto rank system provides rewards to active players! Website -- Anathea IP - r3gaming.net ---- Rule
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