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  1. Not sure if you still accepting...but here's my format anyway Age: 18 IGN: AutemSicarius Reason you want to join: Well, I prefer to play on small servers, considering I could trust people for not grieving and random PvP. And small server usually like to keep the world clean from flying trees, random trenches, random 1x1 tower and such
  2. What is your IGN (in game name)? AutemSicarius How long have you been playing modded minecraft for? 3.5 years+ Are you familliar with this modpack? I know some of the mods very well in the modpack Have you even been banned from any server? Nope, never been banned in any server Have you read the rules on the rule page? Yep I did Anything else you want to share? Eh...nope
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