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  1. Heres the system information: and heres the info on graphics card Not sure if that will be any help but thanks!
  2. So this update hasnt worked either. I assume until an update for the graphics driver comes out its useless. Normal minecraft runs fine which is why I'm confused why technic doesn't.
  3. It doesn't have any versions that I could find except the one I'm using, and even that doesn't specify win10 but made for win7/8 x64. I've just forced update and turns out theres a big windows 10 home november update released last week. Is taking some time to dl but I'll let you know once its done. Fingers crossed, and thanks for your help!
  4. Thanks for the fast response. I have 'Intel mobile express chipset SATA AHCI Controller' with the 'Intel HD Graphics 3000' driver. I had backdated the driver to windows 7 version which was my OS before upgrading to win10. Unfortuently it hasn't made a difference Same crash report. Any other suggestions would be great.
  5. Hey, I've been searching for a fix for hours now and nothing has worked. I am trying to run modpacks through technic and the launcher is not loading anything for example, minecraft vanilla and attack of the b-team. It installs modpacks fine but when I click play the launcher exits and attempts to load the mojang screen but seems to give up and return to the launcher. I'm running this on Win 10 (64bit) - 6gb ram. Latest Java version for 64bit (Java 8u66) no previous versions installed. I've tried to run the launcher at 1,2,3,4,5 gb ram which makes no difference. I have attempted the legacyjavafix which also failed. My brother who also downloaded the same files as me has it all working fine, therefore copied his files over to me which had no change to this launching problem. I've tried launching as administrator and in compatibility mode. Tried re-installing multiple times. I am about ready to give up so this is my last resort. I have found a crash log which makes no sense to me and it is as follows: If you can help that would be awesome! Thanks you!
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