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  1. Well, I knew Optifine was allready a part of Technic, I just thought they would've put in the one everyone would be using! But thanks, I'll give this a go for sure This boosted my fps to 100+ when in stable areas, and 65 in busy areas. Nice!
  2. Isn't that an upgrade that comes with technic? I haven't tried that one Link gimme gimme gimme!
  3. Right, so I've isolated the reason why i started lagging; whenever I enter the chunk JUUST, north of me(look at minimap) then I start lagging with an FPS of a mere 20'ish.
  4. Actually I just had an inciddent where the lag would all of the sudden disappear; here is the screenshot of my F3 menu;
  5. Great! Hee hee, i thought it might be that Seeing as, i couldn't detect any Mo' creatures! ^^,
  6. yes, YES YESSSS!! I have some problems whenever i get too close to the processing room To "fix" it i set my render distance to "Tiny" it only lags whenever I'm in the vicinity of the Processing Room.. Also, to the guy above me, what the fuck.. Youre running this map in Technic pack, right?
  7. I did read your post and tried to respond in a friendly way, sorry man. And yes, the machine room hold all the things you see in the processing room, generators, batboxes, ect.
  8. Okay, I've found and squashed some bugs in your sorting system! ;P First, there is no glowstone dust or lapis in either the machine room, or the back of the sorting machine 2nd, there is no need to have sapphire ore, emerald ore and ruby ore, since they just drop the gems, and they're allready categorized My solution was to simply replace the gem-ores with glowstone, and lapis, its a makeshift bugfix, rather that, than my 3 stacks of glowstonedust getting trapped in the infamous "Overflow chest" Also, regarding the oilwell, its probrably one of the biggest you can find - not that I have explored the rest of the map yet, but the bigger the fountain the bigger the resevoir I believe, and that ravine the well goes through, might be considered surface, and from the bottom of the ravine to the actual surface - thats a big ass fountain.
  9. Thing is, the solarpower that OP has set up, isn't IC2, it is Bluetricity, and wouldn't be compatible, but a good place to look for IC2 related stuff, is their own wiki;
  10. I've had 2 creepers so far, but atleast I'm getting the hang of where they spawn! Roof, check. Workbench area, check. Main entrance, double check. Btw, in your sorting machine at the back of the chests and in the machine room, you have placed the 'wrong' type of copper and tin ore! Remember to replace those with ones you have mined!
  11. Sooo, the tesla coil in the basement? I figured it only turns on when i want the sorting system to shutdown, but it keeps zapping me down to 2 hearts.. And as such, is hard 'living with' *badum tsch* Also! Any way to get in the storage room, without having to break 10 pieces of different cabeling? WHYYYYY;
  12. Yep! I allready fixed that It would seem that my sorting machine broke - ie. It won't switch between the different chest-categories, and whenever i want to shut the sorting machine down, I get struck by some tesla coil in the machine room I miight have to start over... *PRO TIP* Remember to replace the coal used in generators with charcoal, much more stable source of power since it is infinite! (duh) I was also wondering where I could plug in some of my own solarpanels, is there a specific area that you yourself use? Also, in the Processing Room, whats up with the trapdoors to the left of the entrance?? I figured they were like accesshatches? So many questions! Please compute! ^^, I wouldn't quite say that it is perfect for beginners; because it gives you so many tools to start off with, that it is simply overwhelming, seeing as I was confused when i tried it out, and I've been playing Tekkit / Technic for ages! I'de recommend newcommers to discover stuff themselves, before taking the easy-route ;)
  13. Noooo! Your sorting machine ate my dusts! I believe it was silver dust, tin dust, iron dust and copper dust. EDIT, maybe i should stop double posting, and edit instead.. Found the issue!! Being really indecisive here, this was the 'bug' you were talking about earlier...!! For people who might want to know - click that button untill it is a "rubix cube"
  14. Indeed, this is probrably the best seed I've seen for Technic! It has a massive oilwell near, it also has an underground ravine + ofc the crystals. Also, the tree is a good idea, I don't want 'my' house getting flooded with taint any time soon.. :P
  15. On a sidenote; Did you tinker with the resources in the starting area? Because this is the first time I've seen that many vis(and all the other colours)crystals, and if that wasn't enough, they're mostly in clumps of 5.. Either youre messing with us, or you've found the best seed in the world.