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    i like butts, league of legends and minecraft xD
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  1. IGN: KittensLoveSoup AGE 19, Time Zone I'm a twit.. uh Florida. not sure what zone that is xD Name: Kris, or Kristen. (i is Male Fur) Why you want to play? Why you like Minecraft? I am very creative and have been told so many times in mostly vanilla servers, i love mods just because it makes building so much more fun but i dislike creative.. I'm weird lol . anyway iv had access to a friends minecraft for maybe 3 years but recently i was able to get my own account which is awesome. had an all furry server but there were only maybe 5 people on the actual server at random times, my Skype is deathrising2 also and i will get back so much faster on there. id love to get to know this pack, iv only played normal tekkit and stuck with the magical side. be cool to join you and play so let me know!
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