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  1. OK whatever. After two days of painstaking research I found how to use sorting machine and some other machines. Unfortunately a receiver was condeser energy. In tekkit legends do not connect sorting machine and energy condeser of pneumatic tubes. Items must first be sent to the chest and then to the energy condeser. This was my problem. End of discussion.
  2. Ha ha ha ... Now I'm sure you do not know to solve this problem, you just play omniscient. Shit you know about sorting machine in tekkit legends. I lost too much time searching for solutions, and I've had enough. I simply stop playing this fucking game.
  3. My problem is that I do not know how to bring energy to the sorting machine. The system does not work because there is no power. In tekkit Classic or Lite we had solar panels at Legends are two possible power sources but hell knows where these batteries are put to work. Without power it is not important that you mark the colors of pneumatic tubes because the items are distributed randomly, the device works as a normal retriever. Well explained to you my problem but you would not help because you did not know how it works or you're too cocky to help others. You prefer to mock noobs because you'
  4. Well a wise man, I do the whole day looking for a way to the damn sorting machine. Instead of mocking deal with noobs, you could write how to solve this problem.
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