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  1. Hello everyone, i'm here to advertise my closed "beta" server, I will be choosing just a few guys/girls to play on it. It's online almost everyday, with no lag, and uses hamachi. When i fix all the stuff i will making the "Real" server and everybody will be able to join. So if you want to enter the server put these informations below and I'll answer as quickly as possible NameIGN AgeTime zone Why you want to join? If you are chosen I will be sending the hamachi network, the ip and port by private message. Note: port changes every day.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm H2OOH or Enzo if you prefer, I'm brazilian and i have a personal server of tekkit legends. I would like to make some friends to play with me every day. If you're interested put a message bellow and i will reply, soon as i can. IGN Age Time Zone Name Skype And why do you want to play with me. Preference to who have skype, so we can me a conference and talk all together.