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  1. Hi i am Minecraft username:nosknut Age:16 Location( only so i know what the time zone is):Norway, i think you are too XD Why do you wish to join this server? OOh i have been on soo many modpacks recently, and this pack has almost every mod that ive ever lplayed with (the ones i liked). Also, i love how you changed the pack XD Do you have any prior knowledge in modded minecraft? Yes, i made a modpack called Elcraft1.0 but i stopped maintaining it, due to the fact that i couldent afford a hoast for the server. What do you hope to try out / achieve on the server?I like automation and put perfection very high when im building. What is most likely to happend is that i and a friend (wintercar1) will move into a mystcraft world and stay there for our selves. Will you be on teamspeak If i can get the hold on the adress. Yeeees
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