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  1. Age(13+): 13 name(optional): SHANE Skype(must):shanemcintyre2 Why you want to join:i love to build with a community What your minecraft skills are e.g. Building,Redstone: redstone and building IGN(in game name):KILLEREPTILE or [email protected] Active Time(at least 2+hours most days): 4 to 5 hours a day
  2. IGN: KILLEREPTILE or [email protected] Why you want to join: i love communitioes in aotb Experience with AOTBT: i played it alot i know alot about each mod Skype : shanemcintyre2 Age: 13 (mature) Country: Ireland/ Northern Ireland Anything you want us to know: thanks for listening i really hope i get in and i dont grief
  3. Name: shane mcintyre Age: 13 (mature) IGN: KILLEREPTILE/[email protected] Why you want to join:i love joining a aotb community Favorite Mod:bloodcraft,whitchery Skype:shanemcintyre2
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