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  1. I dont nessesaryily care how many people as long as its less then 8 my time zone is UTC-6:00 central time us canada and my play time are pretty much all day like i said i am usually active all day on weekends but on weekdays im at school so probbably from about 7 to 10 i might use a quarry or 2 but thats about it Plz contact me at [email protected]
  2. My in game name is danethepain14 i would like to join because I am very angry with how boring single player is and how annoying on pen multiplayer servers are (pluse I am basicly a tekkit wizzerd ) my favorite mod is probably build craft or industrial craft because when I started modded I had those for my big tech mods instead of thermal expansion and think they are probably about the same if not build craft better mostly because machines arnt a problem with all the tech mods but with transport and things that build craft gives u I basically unlocks a whole new frontier ( I'm 12 by the way )