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  1. Well .. I guess reading would help... ROFL ....O.o
  2. Does anyone know a good way to advertise your pack? My pack has been up for a little over a week and I haven't seen a single download lol. My pack is solid with no errors, has custom graphics and menu. 90 plus mods, all listed. Plus ill have a Sphax patch very soon at x32 and x64. Would very much appreciate any advice on getting more people to try my pack Thank you http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/dakblam-rpg.786161
  3. I have a little problem that I can't figure out. I created a pack about 9 days ago, for about 6 of those days I had the pack hidden ( Obviously for testing and working out my bugs.) 3 days ago I unchecked hidden. Now for the past 3 days I can't seem to find the pack using any conventional methods, like my tags. ( I seem to be below 100 on all my tags, except the name of my pack ). On top of that I just recently updated my pack, I checked the updated section on community mods and still doesn't show up. Yes I updated the version and added a comment to update. Has anyone else had this problem? I spent many hours creating this pack and would love for the community to get a chance to check it out. Thank you http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/dakblam-rpg.786161 (Edit: Of corse AFTER I ask this question .. boom it shows up on updated. Yay foot in my mouth )
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