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  1. I have the exact same problem, except mine never gets off 0%, i leave it for hours. I have quick internet speed as well. 1.5 Mb/s. I can download it through the internet as well. I have done everything i can to fix it, i turned all firewalls off, turned everything that could block downloads off, reset my pc to factory defaults and re-installed windows 8 and still nothing.
  2. I did this and nothing happened, it is the same error. Sorry for the long delay, i went to the extent of reimaging my pc to try and get this to work and it is still stuck on the download of Opensans+Cyberbit, i tried using a technic file from another pc, but it didn't work either, it just went on to install this 1 file. I will put the log on the website u posted above shortly
  3. I have played tekkit and used the launcher for a very long time, but recently i had an issue where to solve it i had to uninstall the technic launcher, but while trying to re install it, it couldn't download a file called OpenSans+Cyberbit. It sits there on 0% and wont download. I can download the file separately, but i have no idea what do do with it then. I also have left it for hours to see if it was slow internet. I have also turned off fire walls and virus protection and still no results. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you fix it? I will insert a copy of my log which contains information about errors. I would like to get this fixed asap as i am a mod on a server and have donated alot of time and money towards it. techniclauncher_2016-01-22.log