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  1. Thank you that was the problem i didnt know you warn't suppose to have it in a sub folder. thank you very much for your help.
  2. so i have made a mod-pack (the one i was playing on went down) its a 1.8.9 pack i went and downloaded the forge universal download and the normal one, i ran minecraft once to get it installed and all the files i needed. i then ran forge to install all the files i need for it. add the mods ran it up works fine no problems. Now i went to put it in dropbox and run it ran into the whole dl=0 problem and figured that out. put it to dl=1 it now downloads and runs but the mod-pack seems to not run forge i have the bin file i have the config file and i have the mods file.. all mods are 1.8.9 the forge
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