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  1. it's enough just to wrap inside an if(evt.getSide().isClient()) to not crash
  2. It depends. In case they don't crash but load in disabled state on server, no particular action is required. In case they crash serverside - you place them in a special directory where they are picked up and packaged every cache build. My plans are to deduplicate these by setting their version = their md5.
  3. It replaces TechnicSolder with a mod that you install on your minecraft server. Installing/Updating mods on your server and bumping version in the config will generate the required files to be served on the technicplatform via solder API. The only thing you need to do is point technic platform to the web address exposed by the mod (technic solder address: by default localhost:8000 -> you can change it in the config).
  4. Hello, I've created a mod to manage my own server. It may be helpful to other people too, so here it is: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/minecraftsolder https://github.com/admiral0/MinecraftSolder admiral0
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