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  1. Looks like we are looking for the same thing because I applied to your server
  2. I am 16. I have played my own single player worlds over and over and starting to get bored of the single player aspect of tekkit classic. Some reasons are because I love going back and watching YouTube videos of The Yogscast or other YouTuber's old tekkit videos and It looks like so much fun. Then I go play my single player world and I get bored after 10-15 minutes so I thought I would play a server. So I tried some servers but I just always got killed and quit because I don't like pvp raiding/griefing. So I thought to myself what to do. I thought why don't I try to join a whitelisted server, so I could have more fun than single player, interact with other players and not get raided/griefed or killed. My last thing is to have a the most fun I have ever had playing minecraft as a whole and this is what got me to this post today I would love to join my Ign/Username: TroyxD
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