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  1. I have this problem where when I start off the server with the start.bat file. It starts off normally, but then it says "The state engine was in incorrect state post initialization and forced into SERVER_STOPPED. Errors may have been discarded.". I have been digging around Google, I found that it meant that it is an EULA agreement problem. I did accept the agreement (eula=true), but it still displays the exact same message. I have tried different ways to fix this problem, but I've gone to a dead end. I tried 1) to make some space between eula and true (eula = true), 2) to delete the file and make it self again and to it over, 3) I restarted my PC 4) Download the files allover again 5) Reinstalled JAVA to the latest version (JAVA 73). So is there a way to fix my problem, type down below. The log is attached. fml-server-3.log
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