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  1. I will mention the pros and cons here Pros: * no lag at all ingame * Nice people that help you * everything is understandable Cons: * A lot of staff does overkill moderating, if you for example say 'NEVER!' as a dramatic scene from the sith lord part. They WILL warn or even ban you. * Saying a swear word on accident would almost get you banned. Basically, the server is Awesome! But the staff not so much IGN: Senpaitje
  2. I've tried using this, but it just gives me this error http://hastebin.com/kerupakifi.css custom.jar is my Kcauldron.jar
  3. When i start up the server i get the following errors: http://hastebin.com/kerupakifi.css on start up, i'm trying to make the server be able to have the modpack w/ bukkit. I'm currently using Kcauldron (which is custom.jar here) which you use for modpack jars. (so that means that runs the Kcauldron.jar) but we get that error as stated above, is anyone available to help me out?
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