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  1. how do i get on the game then

  2. Hello everyone, Forsakken here and i wanted to share to you fellow technicians some gameplay of me and my good buddy play the tekkit challenge. We will hopefully be doing various Let's Play, some funny and others that are not. A little bio on myself: I am an unemployed senior, so me playing lots of games will be hard. I am also moderately good at technic and minecraft itself. My partner Con is, well find that out yourself through the video. Hope to get some reviews all welcome.
  3. Anyone a fan of Lost Saga? Great mercenary game. A tad childish, but pretty epic. Who is your favorite hero? Mine would have to be Hazama or Grim Reaper.
  4. No i am more of a resource gatherer.
  5. Hello, I am looking for a partner or two to team up with me and play on tekkit servers. Playing technic SSP is great but if i could play with other people would be great. I am not looking for the one with the most skills, or the one who is willing to go hardcore, just someone so that we can venture off. I am though fairly skilled at EE( i have gotten to Red matter Armor), Ok with RP2( still pretty newbie at it), fairly skilled at IC2( Gotten to Nuclear Power) and BC2. If interested please message me or reply with your skype name or just message me. Thanks
  6. This Texture pack,, Is truly amazing and i would appreciate it if someone could modify it to the least that it is technic accessible. I am not asking for all the ores, machines, gui etc. Just that it wont mess with the texture of the the mods. Would truly appreciate it.
  7. Forsakken


    What Kind of music do you like to listen to when playing Minecraft? Technic? Tekkit? What music pumps you up to make the most amazing structure your mind can imagine, or makes you want to manually mine a quarry in no time? Deadmau5 makes me wanna kill all the mobs along with SOAD.
  8. Personally, I am truly lazy and have been using your texture pack for a day now, and i have been wanting to tell you it is awesome and keep up the good work, but again i was lazy. But then, i saw the mojang logo in the front and it is amazing! Keep working on this Texture pack, IT IS AMAZING! )
  9. gladly appreciate the help yuriy. ty!
  10. Right now i have some farms and quarries running, and i can use pipes to transport them. But i want to make it interesting and use minecarts from railcraft. So the question is, how can i put items from pipes into minecarts and vice versa? What items do i need?
  11. True, but i just prefer tekkit i guess
  12. Exactly! i mean really, what do new mobs and better dungeons have to do with Technic stuff? i mean i understand thaumcraft and EE only apply to technic with factories and what not, but come on, more mobs?
  13. ^ Reasons why. I am not a big fan of better dungeon. Thaumcraft i dont like too much since i don't understand it. Mo Creatures, let me share you a background story. when i first played minecraft, an 8 legged demon beast with red eyes pushed me into lava, took me 2 months to get over blocky 8 bit spiders(i am 16 so it is really sad on my part) Endermen were easy to conquer in 1.8.1 After they nerfed him i went straight to peaceful, till 1.1 . tl;dr i dislike new and different mobs and i enjoy forestry