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  1. Well I have redid the block from your comment and added a alt "on" top for your use if you want.
  2. I see Moogle is working on it but I thought I would try something. Block I made a few extra furnace fronts but I didn't like them. GUI I didn't change the GUI much.
  3. I have updated the pack some. -Forestry now has support even if it is not going to be part of Technic. -Add some more small item support for TC2 expect more items in next release. -Buildcraft pipes in general have some more contrast however the stone and iron pipes look similar.(still working on that) -Various other small changes.
  4. I have added and changed some textures. Proper support for EE2 blocks and some gui. Hope everyone likes the new glowstone because I think the last version was crap.
  5. Well my opinion is that for the IC2 machines you should go with a Doku iron block for the base style with maybe higher contrast colors, or go with a beveled and diamond plate look.
  6. Drean the MFSU is textured but it looks just like the default one because I couldn't figure out what it should look like, same goes for alot of various block throughout. The_DarthMoogle I don't know which machines exactly your talking about the IC2 ones arn't super cluttered but the RP2 ones are kinda. In both cases I tried to make all the machines different in appearance and try to keep them similar to the default so people could easily adjust. That said when I got to the RP2 machines I simply tried to vary them in appearance. You also said I should try to vary the textures more, co
  7. Different yet Familiar. This is my simple texture pack that, I think, looks nice without being just flat colors. The textures done so far take into account the default texture, the purpose of the block, and the materials used to make it. The textures have also started to be less simple and more busy in some cases but the blocks this happens on I feel need this approach. Not all of the textures are done and some of the ones that are are just placeholder. Also I prefer the industrial side of things so those things will probably be finished first. The latest version is here. This
  8. I'm not sure how much help this will be but I have compiled all the mod textures for Technic 7.0.1 in a zip. http://www.mediafire.com/?25ps3437ga55q24
  9. Thanks, I will. It is still under a lot of work so may things may change.
  10. http://minecraftcustomizer.net/pack/Mortons%20Smooth%20and%20Simple/ Well I have been working on support for my texture pack. The support is not complete but I have finished most of Industrial Craft 2 and Railcraft along with some of Millenaire and Buildcraft. I also have other miscellaneous mod support done.
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