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  1. Damn I was afraid you'd say that, I tried installing Java 8_U25 (The one you listed above) and I basically got a message saying that "This App can't run on your PC," you simply can't win in this life
  2. I've made a breakthrough! I downgraded my Graphics Driver (I can specify if necessary) and I've now been able to get the actual game to almost launch (Meaning that the launcher actually manages to almost launch the game/ the actual minecraft window appears) but my new problem is that the game crashes at that point rather than the Launcher, here are my logs http://paste.ubuntu.com/15794217/ Scroll all the way down to see the current problem, you've been very, very helpful in alleviating this problem, and I would really like to put this issue to rest so I can finally play modpacks again, thank you.
  3. I tried using Java_7u80, but it didn't work, someone with the same problem somehow got their launcher to work, but here's my logs http://paste.ubuntu.com/15791466/ You can scroll all further down to see where I tried to launch Decimation, but it wouldn't, it just crashed at "Downloading Minecraft Assets"
  4. How did you get it to work?
  5. I hate to reply so late, but my computer didn't meet the requirements for this download, any suggestions or other Drivers I could try?
  6. Could you walk me through how to resolve this issue so I can (finally) play modpacks?
  7. Okay scratch that, I don't know if this is exactly what you need, but I pasted my logs here http://paste.ubuntu.com/15745623/
  8. I downloaded the Technic Launcher for the first time in almost a year a couple of hours ago, and as I tried to launch (Decimation) the Launcher would proceed to load the Modpack, but as soon as ti reached "Installing Minecraft Assets" (something like that) it crashed, and it returned to the Launcher page, I've been trying to fix this problem for HOURS now, and nothing has worked. I am absolutely frustrated, and infuriated, could someone please fix this issue/give the solution? (I tried using Java8_77 34 bit and 64 bit, although I don't have both downloaded right now) (I can't even launch Vanilla Minecraft) (Update: It was mentioned that Java_7 fixes the problem, it didn't fix it for me)