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  1. Hello, I am attempting to create a modpack entitled "Industrious Adventures", however I am encountering some problems regarding hosting a server. Information about the pack: Link to zip file: https://dl.dropbox.com/s/k5shzw00i76p1wm/Industrious Adventures.zip Link to Technic Modpack page: http://technicpack.net/modpack/industrious-adventures.825263 I've tested the modpack and it downloads and runs singleplayer beautifully, however when I run the server by launching minecraft_server.jar, it seems to not generate any mod terrain and I t
  2. Wonderful, everything is just how I had hoped, the Dimensional doors update fixed those issues, and I had that same version of chocolatequest, but when trying to mess with the config, I had the spawn chance set really low instead of really high. Thanks for getting my modpack to be exactly what I wanted
  3. Ah, so I'm just incompetent, easy fix! On a side note: IT WORKS. I was able to successfully download and launch the pack through the technic launcher! (Thank you immensely for all the help!) Side side note: Dimensional doors and ChocolateQuest still seem to not work properly, do you have any magic fixes for those?
  4. That was fast! Thanks for supplying the direct links. Updated AseiLib Updated Computertronics Updated iChunUtil -Got the error that iChunUtil could not be found, minimum version required is 4.0.0. I assume this is because one of the mods that depends on IchunUtil is out of date, but I can't determine which one it is. As always, thanks for your time.
  5. Those sites are super helpful! I tried to use curseforge as much as possible, but it's nice to know there are other legitimate sites out there. Thanks for taking the time to help work out the kinks in my pack, enjoy your dinner!
  6. Fixed the modpack.jar issue Noted that I should always use "latest" rather than "recommended" and updated all 4 chickednbones mods As old as the galacticraft version is, it is the most recent one I was able to find from the author's page. Dragon Mounts came from the origional thread and I was unable to find a more legitimate source for teh file. Level Up removed Damage Indicators replaced Back Tools replaced Tinkers Mechworks replaced Modular Powersuits updated Railcraft added back into the pack (Works without it, crashes when placed in)
  7. Thanks for speedy reply I fixed the bin folder so it is how it should be. Updated forge to #1614 Updated the 4 Chickenbones mods Attempted to update my railcraft version but it crashed every time with this report so I removed it entirely. replaced Hats and Parachute Mod with more legitimate sources Unfortunately, I am still getting the same problem. The mods work on the client with forge, but when I try to install off the Technic launcher, it just loads vanilla 1.7.10.
  8. I switched out the URL and Technic accepted it, but I'm still having the same problem, the pack downloads, but no mods are active, not even forge. Any suggestions? Thanks for your time.
  9. Hello, I am attempting to create a modpack entitled "Industrious Adventures", however I am encountering several problems. Information about the pack: EDIT: Link to zip file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/z6q4l77lsiyw2nm/Industrious%20Adventures.zip Link to Technic Modpack page: http://technicpack.net/modpack/industrious-adventures.825263 I've tested the mods without technic and they all seem to work (with the exception of Dimensional Doors not appearing and Better Dungeons not generating). The pack will download off the Technic Launcher but th
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