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  1. The Outcast Network

    About us: We're striving to provide game-changing servers in two different aspects of the game. We provide a modded server, and a vanilla. Ran by experienced and mature staff we strive to provide an excellent gaming enviornment for all who join. If anything is hindering that experience it is dealt with in a swift and thorough manner. 

    Our Modpack: We've created a custom modpack to use on our modded server. It comes equipped with mods for technology and war. We're open to any and all requests as it's still in the developmental stage.

    Our Servers-

    Outcast (Modded):
    IP - (You won't need this as it's already added automatically for you.)
    Modpack Install URL (Technic Launcher) - http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/sms-official-modpack

    Outcast (Vanilla):
    Under Development.