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  1. I am going to need a log before I can actively help with that. To get it, assuming you are on windows, go to your start menu, type %appdata% then go to .technic then go to the logs folder and post the latest. Thanks!
  2. Can you friend successfully connect to his own server? If so then it is something on your end and most likely not the server if it's crashing your game, your player data also may be corrupt if you have played on it before. I will look at this crash log tomorrow when I got a bit more time.
  3. Just to add onto this, for blightfall it is recommended to allocate 3GB of RAM to Technic launcher, and in all cases never allocate more than 4-5GB unless a pack specifically asks for more or it can cause some issues.
  4. The actual hardcore mode of HQM is not meant to be enabled, there are already consequences for death other than just losing your entire world. If you really dig into configs, yes you can turn it on so you only have limited lives, but I personally don't see a need for this. If you really want to, just reply I can probably get the file location for you.
  5. You may have missed small things here and there, I do not think you can truly achieve 100% on the quest book. There are going to be small things you may just not encounter, such as mobs and such. If you have got the badge for clearly the planet and got victory village down, then you have beat the pack, no matter really what the quest book says. Don't let that discourage you to keep playing though. There are always things you can do.
  6. | Hello guys, I am here with this topic today to bring you a guide for Blightfall, from your first step off the Jaded, and how to take this large quest on, safely. | So, you've spawned on the Jaded with the option of 6 different Drop Pods that lead you to a Bio-dome: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, and Omega.You may be asking yourself, which one do I choose? Well here is a short description of each strait from the Blightfall wiki. Alpha: http://wiki.technicpack.net/Alpha(Biodome Beta: http://wiki.technicpack.net/Beta(Biodome) Gamma: http://wiki.technicpack.net/Gamma(Bi
  7. I can link you to a guide on how to make your own, sorry I will not make you one, but you can surely make one yourself with this guide! ->>> https://technicpack.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204199345-How-to-make-a-Minecraft-modpack
  8. Before I can help you I am going to need a log or crash report. Just reply if you don't know how to get those and I will teach you.
  9. Oh right my bad,I am going to need a log of the crash before I can do anything else.
  10. This is not worth my time.
  11. If it is just one modpack, I would suggest finding a new one. The modpack is probably poorly made, unless you know the modpack developer directly and he works out a fix, there is nothing we can really do form your end.
  12. Make sure your coremods are not just in the mods folder, also make sure you don't have any client-side mods in the server mods folder.
  13. I don't think a mod would be the way to go, maybe trying installing a plugin. If you really wanted to use EMC for money, that would require a mod. I don't think there are many, if any, mods out there that will achieve this goal. At least I personally have not seen one.
  14. Please be a little more specific when you say "Count does not count in my modpack." AKA Clarify what you mean by "Counter for your modpack:" After you do this, I will sure help.
  15. Also make sure you are allocating sufficient RAM to Technic. 1GB is clearly not enough. I would recommend allocating 2-4GB but definitely no more than 4GB.
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