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  1. Inform, There is no whitelist, we're waiting for more players before we start the server though.
  2. Im looking to start something similar to what you described, maybe a little less structure to the teams, but im sure that could be worked out. See my latest post for details.
  3. Hi We are looking for anyone who wants to play on a small server located in the US, using a custom modpack, called, "yourboybernie" (please ignore the cringey name and logos). The modpack has various tech mods such as Mekanism, AE2, and ICBM, but also PVP oriented mods such as Flans Mod and MC Heli. The Server will be up at reasonable times during the day (EST), but sadly will not be 24/7. The only rule of the server is that no hacks should be used. PVP is allowed. Leave a reply or connect to the server if you're interested in playing. IP: yourboybernie.hopto.org
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