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  1. So, the other day I loaded up Blightfall through the launcher. Business as usual. When I entered my file, I was on the Jaded with no items in my inventory. Not a one. I had two satchels, several foci...a lot of stuff. And it was all gone. Stuff stored in chests and the like was still there, but any inventory items were completely gone. Logs will come soon...I've been having some trouble with Pastebin. Having trouble pasting this stuff in general, actually...but until then, any ideas?
  2. Well, that wasn't pleasant..let' start from the beginning though. I loaded up my save file just this morning. I spawned on the Jaded with no items in my inventory at all, not even the quest book. I had a wand, several foci, gold, iron, steel, two satchels full of items...all of them were gone. What's odd is, this has happened before. It's happened before in another save file...and in and in my last world, half my quest book progress completely disappeared. Has anyone had this problem? Am I asking this in the right place? What can I do? I'm...scared to play again because I'm afraid I'm going to lose everything again.
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