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  1. Where do I even begin on this server? They have an amazing community, great vote system, and amazing staff! Lets start off with the community. The people are friendly and always will to give help and advice. The same thing goes for the staff members as well! A staff member has once spent well over an hour with me trying to fix an automated factory! They are constantly helping and always active. There has never not been a staff member online! Next, they have a booming economy! With a mall, you can buy your own shop there for a cheap price, and contribute to the economy even more! Next, this server has been growing at a constant rate! I have joined this server the 3rd day of it being up and never looked back! Its constantly growing player-base allows you to meet new friends and help out! The staff members and developers have created a dueling arena perfect for breaks while you are waiting on your machines! With /duel you become a warrior in an arena with a party of friends! It is great while you are waiting on your EMC generators to produce that oh so amazing red matter! Lastly, they have an amazing build team to build various buildings! This is easily the friendliest most welcome and least laggy server I have ever been on! 10/10 ~Mike
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