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  1. This server is a very new server, and yet you can hardly tell. It has more than 30 people at peak hours, and isn't even 2 weeks old! The server has nice staff, who are always willing to help you out. Everyone is willing to talk in the chat and joke around, no one seems to get mad. If someone is trolling, the mods and admins are on it immediately, making sure that the discomfort of a troll is as short as possible. I haven't seen a single staff member get mad at anyone, and don't think I will with the way they always keep a positive, happy attitude. There is a huge mall to shop in! I like to just go around looking, the design is so cool. There is an economy, so I can always get items that I need at a fair price, at any time! Other server members do not hesitate to give advice where I ask either, even going so far as to teleport to me and make sure I have everything set up correctly. I've had my base saved because a fellow member recognized a mistake I made when building a nuclear reactor, and quickly remedied it! I don't get laughed at for not knowing a certain mod either, everyone is there to help! This server has plenty of mods to use, and I've spent many hours just having fun building a cool suit of armor, some awesome machine, or an awesome new tool to use. There are interesting natural spawns, fun giveaways, and a battle arena where I can fight my friends. I can even party, and fight on teams against other party's. There is a Team Speak 3 server so I can chat with fellow members and staff, and communicate with them on fun things to do, I've even got to have a fun fight with multiple staff in the battle arena. All around, this server has just about everything I could ever ask for, a fun community, nice staff, and lots of stuff to do!
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