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  1. SERVER IS CLOSED Welcome to the last Hack/Mine server in existence, and the Newest one! To join make sure you have Java 7 and not 8, and run it in the Technic Launcher. Then just join in! We ALWAYS need more players so get any of the following to join us! Your friends Your Neighbors Your Enemies Your cat Your family Your alter-ego Rules No Griefing No Drama No Politics No Raiding bases PvP is allowed but don't mass PvP or RDM REPORT ERRORS IN THE COMMENTS TO ENSURE THE SERVER WORKS FOR EVERYONE[h1] Other Info This server runs in H/M version, the recommended version. It is also run on my personal computer until I have the money for a proper server. (Don't worry it is on an i5 6600k with 8gb of ram dedicated to the server.) We do need staff, but not many. Join our discord to keep up to date on news https://discord.gg/bCTTJDK
  2. Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen. To possibly the last H/M server right now. We are not much yet, however I plan for us to grow into one large player community, built around Role play elements. This world, will stay without a spawn, or any input from me. Instead the world will grow with the players, as we build towns, explore dungeons, and trade. HOW TO CONNECT. Either do this: http://forums.technicpack.net/topic/147857-experimental-fix-for-java-8-users/ OR Change your Java to Java 7! Once you have done that connect to:
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