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  1. Oden: Land Of the Free Welcome player! My name Is Kaz!, and I want to say hey and thanks for checking out this server advertisement. So what are we as a server? A fun, friendly environment, where "You!", the player can enjoy the game in your own time and pace. We make up a mature group of staff, admins and player base. You are very welcome to join in and keep the good times rolling. To clear this up we have a few rules, check them out below! - No griefing or stealing! - Keep the bad language to a minimum. - No cheating or exploiting. - When an admin states something is final it is, e.g. don't argue with us! We are here to enjoy and play the game too! - Be nice and people will be nice back! Some useful information! - Server restarts every three hours! You will be warned before hand with regular server information notices. - Server saves every ten minutes. - Keep Inventory is enabled. - Mob griefing is disabled. - Three backups everyday. - We have a TeamSpeak! Come join us, IP: " uk-voice2.fragnet.net:10119 " Server Info! - Modpack URL: http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/the-1710-pack - Server IP is " " - We have a TeamSpeak! Come join us, IP: " uk-voice2.fragnet.net:10119 " [1.7.10] The 1.7.10 ModPack | Recommended Version | No Lag | MyTown Grief Protection | Nothing banned | Mature Admin/Owner.
  2. I'm thinking this could be a firewall issue that is stopping people from accessing? Make sure that all your Tekkit stuff is allowed threw the firewall or disable it?
  3. No I'm not saying host its permanently just a one off to see if you can connect if you cannot it would isolate the problem and make solving it a lot easier.
  4. So what you can do is maybe changed you graphics driver, or reinstall it also get rid of your folder in %appdata% and try that also clearing your cache maybe a good idea. Look into getting a openGl driver as that may help as mine-craft support it.
  5. I don't understand you are missing files No file written that is the main message being gotten from this. For some reason you do not have all the files are they are being missed out or something? From what i have gathered that seems to be the issue its has errors it cannot load properly, you are missing files i don't know why. Maybe how your computer downloads the file? How Winrar extracts the file? Where the files are stored? But its apparent that you are missing files for some reason.
  6. Hmm, well give the guys approach above a shot and then maybe try this Ive spotted this OpenGL: null version null, null. Minecraft is based on the driver OpenGL, what a system restore wont really do will restore your drivers in some cases. Restore your drivers and then go and seek out a OpenGL driver that is compatible for your system or just a graphics driver. Also it seems that yours may have corrupted or any other number of issues. Reinstall your drivers and try and find a openGl one then get back to us.
  7. This is interesting and strange, the only thing i can put it down to and i may be unlikely is the fact that while using the Tekkit connection system there clashing i have heard of connections that clash over somethings but not over others and this is down to the NAT types (Network access type). Unlikely but possible would anyone like to elaborate on this matter ? Or You could try this have your friend host a temporary server like your doing in reverse to see if then the issue is on your end?
  8. Well i had a look through that there is a few issues when joining for you anyhow corrupted chunk maybe? Try and get someone else Apart from him to join the server using the same methods if they can the problem is on his end and not yours.
  9. erm download the latest java and if its right it will reinstall itself. Make sure its the Java 7 JRE and that it is 32x as your running vista 32x
  10. Are they all on the same build as the server?
  11. Every day is worth living, some are just better than others.

  12. No not all all it was aimed at the person who is saying they have an issue, i was simply highlighting the colorful nature of the issue
  13. Can i have a new error log on this issue? Or you could try downloading them from there websites as such and doing it manually but its a pain in the arse anyhow.
  14. Your drivers maybe corrupted or have issues with them for those that use Nvidia go to http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us As for windows check other graphical properties. Also maybe look at clearing your RAM cache and in the launcher as well. Minimize graphical options, DO NOT use texture pack as they consume even more memory. Get rid of applications that are running alongside Tekkit, skype iTunes use a lot of memory. Upgrading your RAM on your computer is a good way of getting more out of it.
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