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  1. My modpack seems to be downloading a 1.9.4 .jar file ever since I accidentally saved the modpack as a 1.9.4 pack. I changed it back to 1.8 and saved it. I then waited a while (24 hours) to be sure the modpack was set as a 1.8 modpack. It still seems to downloading a 1.9.4 .jar file. It has a 1.9.4.json file in the bin directory as well. I opened the minecraft.jar file and found out it was certainly a 1.9.4 .jar file since it had 1.9 textures and components in it. [02:40:45] [main/DEBUG] [FML/]: Loading deobfuscation resource /deobfuscation_data-1.9.4.lzma with 31813 records [02:40:45] [mai
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