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  1. I kept the libraries folder but tossed Llibrary in mods, it works! thanks for the help.
  2. Recently, ive been attempting to create a technic modpack with the new build of Fossils and Archeology Revival. This would be a relatively easy task to complete, although the new build requires the library mod Llibrary. Being horrible at creating modpacks in general I have no idea how to toss in a library mod. Atleast that's what I think the problem is, well my modpack downloads just fine and forge loads up to 2 out of 7 and then crashes. I would provide crash reports and logs but I have no idea how to do that. Ive got the main folder with the folders "bin,config,libraries,mods" iv'e got Llibrary in libraries and FAA in mods. I also have the configs in config and the modpack.jar (Required version of forge) in the bin. I then have them zipped up with 7zip and hosted on my dropbox with the 0 at the end changed to a 1. Does anyone know whats wrong?