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  1. Unfortunately; from my past experience hoping from server to server; there aren't any that really come close to what we had here. In my experience, most other server's have... one issue or another that makes them not as successful. Whether it be bad Admins, a fading player-base; Hardware issues; (Believe it or not) Corruption, etc. Though; from my searching; the most prevalent types of server's out there are large, with a 100-300 player-base, usually on decent hardware, & they usually have some form of VIP, or Donator status that get's certain people an advantage. The Admins are usually... ok, at best; but its rather hard to get ahold of them; & with a player-base that large, you usually don't see one single community, but rather small groups of people. Strangely enough; I found a decent group of people who I ran with until I joined this server. You might find smaller server's out there with decent admin's & a good community, but those usually have hardware issues. Sadly it won't be easy (idk if even possible) to find a server, with a community like ours, with admins like ours. Best of luck to you on though. However; you can always's hop in on the mumble channel; a bit quiet today for some odd reason, but me & tub are usually on; & I don't mind helping ya find a server if you want (so long as I'm not in the middle of a tf2 game or something...) Anyhoo, It was nice knowing ya all; & hopefully something happens were we can all get together & play a game again! Sincerly; Your Derpinator; Jerrk
  2. Ehh, its more of Mojang buying Bukkit & not announcing it.... Not that anyone was copying on another; more or less, they are bickering over who has ownership of the code... & we are all left here waiting for something to happen. Or at-least thats the extremely short & rough version of it.
  3. IIRC; Open computer's has something similar to CC's turtles,but taking a small looks at their forum page, the resource cost of computers should be a-lot higher... Link to Open Computer's Forum Page; http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1293018-opencomputers-v1-3-4
  4. Quack; Quack Quack Quack Quack... Quack... Qua-Quack --Quack Quack-- (Rough Translation) Hia All; Long Time No See! As for what tub said up above; I believe we should update... Mystcraft is good for a mining age, but with self moderation, we could in sence go back to mining in the overworld, like we did in the ol` Tekkit classic day's. As for chicken chunks; I dunno, perhaps we could go back to railcraft, but as i recall..... errm... they gave us a "few" issues in the past... Open mods were neat, but not 100% necessary. Wireless Redstone is always nice, but with redwire cables, it shouldn't be too hard to make same-dimension red-stone circuits. Thats about it.... As for me, I've been grinding my brain trying to learn how to use blender so much that it turned me into a duck.... yeah...... --End Transmission--
  5. Your best bet to find most of our current player base would be either after a map reset (modpack update); or a winter weekend, about 5 - 10pm EST
  6. it's a .GIF from the starbound wiki, I don't think you can put them in your signature anymore, since the forums upgraded awhile back.
  7. It's Not normally empty; well it kinda is; It has to do with the time of day/year it is; Currently its miday & nice out, so alot of the people on the server are probably out & about doing other things atm; It'll probably pick up after 5:00pm ish.
  8. Quack, Quack, Just postin to say that I'm alive, and that this has been taken care of.
  9. Well; I'm taking a small break from the server since my life's getin` a little hectic; & of course its finally acting like spring up here! I still am checking in on the forums & everything though; so I should be up-to-date on most stuff... Tub is aswell taking a small break from the server, as said in his last post; should you 100% absolutly need iether of us; we are usually on mumble around 5 pm. EST (I think that's our timezone) Other then that, idk.... I've noticed we tend to have more people in the evening then we do in the morning soooooo.... yeah...
  10. Alrighty; Thnx to tub, & milz, & my non-english speaking brain; We've fixed the server!
  11. Some Minecraft server stuff I believe clone; srz nothing i can really help with
  12. I actually don't think anything went wrong with the server atm; but actually the Minecraft servers; Particularly the "Sessions" Server. Giving us a Legacy HTTP 503 Error
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