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  1. Hello my IGN is cjditto my age is 14, my email is [email protected], my Skype is cjditto and so is my steam and my history with this mod pack is semi-little but that's due to the fact that i skipped a year of minecraft to play other games that my friend were currently playing, but I am determined to learn more about the technical/machinery side of mod packs as i have always played magic/rpg mod packs. However I have quite a bit of spare time and am also very persistent and will grind to help myself and others. I have also run a server with me and my friends and do know about the struggle of running a server however big or small, especially with griefing and other such annoyances, all i hope is that you give me a chance and if it is your will then ban me. I hope that you will consider this offer but i understand if you do not want me in your server. Also sidenote, how will I know if i am accepted (new to this fourms stuff)