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  1. first you can upgrade a laptops memory and when you saying crashing is it only tekkit ? if thats the case , are you sure you met the min spec to run tekkit ?.
  2. Best way as there is a bug for nei server-side. NEI - Ability to spawn items fix http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/nei-server-mod-permission-check-exploit-fix.11032/ is to just remove the nei zip file in your mods folder. it wont stop people seeing the recipes, but will stop the click and spawn 64 of the object you would have to use the old GIVE command.
  3. well you want Essentials-2.9.2 http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/essentials/files/150-essentials-2-9-2/ 3.1.2. wont work on tekkit and as it say on the top of the link you posted say only use if your testing.
  4. did it just now , the way you said , still not working right and the ID for the mining laser in my hand is 30208:1
  5. ok but still setting the Crafting laser=false and nuke to false but they can still make them and i know the laser can fire the nuke not risking it.
  6. Ok am having a few problems i have got the patches for DM/RM tools and the moded EE file that disables a few EE items , but i cant disable the mining lasor or nukes, now i followed a post on here http://forums.technicpack.net/index.php/topic,7939.msg53216.html#msg53216 i changed this, saved and restarted the server , but people can still craft it. # Enable crafting of gunpowder out of dusts enableCraftingGunpowder=true enableCraftingLaser=false # Enable crafting of nukes enableCraftingNuke=false # Enable crafting of rails out of bronze enableCraftingRail=false And a
  7. Your link no longer works, plus i would like this file to see if its fixes the odd nei bug i get when doing it the other way ....thanks
  8. has anyone else had this problem when installing this fix, NEI is there but saves go from the sides and cant click anything ./item (number) works tho just grabbing dont ?
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