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  1. Innovative Gaming Network (24/7 OPEN SERVER) Simply Scientific - Official Server (24/7 OPEN SERVER) http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/simply-scientific.877672 Pack Code: http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/simply-scientific Server IP (Pre-Listed in the Modpack): sscifi.innovativegaming.com.au http://innovativegaming.com.au MODPACK INFORMATION: Simply Scientific is a modpack that goes into the expansion of scientific research and discovery by the use of advanced technologies as well as genetic modification and galactic adventure. Including mods such as Advanced Genetics, Galacticraft, Thermal Expansion, Achimedes Ships, Buildcraft, Computercraft, Big Reactors, Ex Nihilo, Immersive Engineering, Pam's Harvestcraft, Open Blocks, Project Red, Sync (AND MORE!) SERVER INFORMATION: Currently running; TOWNY, ESSENTIALS, WORLD BORDER (10k radius), SIMPLE HELP TICKETS, BANMANAGER, CHAT REACTION, PRISM Iguana Tweaks is present and disabled use of vanilla tools and weapons, provided kits supply copper tools to get started. We are a community that accepts members of all ages Currently accepting Applications of Interest for staff positions. RULES: 1- Respect all players, regardless of rank. 2- No exploiting of bugs/glitches or bypasses. 3- No directive or overused offensive language. 4- No spamming or overuse of caps. 5- No advertising of any kind. 6- No AFK machines. 7- No threats of any kind made towards the server or players of the community. BANNED ITEMS: ~ Filing Cabinets ~ Florbs ~ Drawbridge ~ Plasma Gun ~ ALL Block Placer/Breakers ~ Matter Cannon ~ Golden Egg ~ Crane Backpack ~ Potion Launcher ~ Mining Laser ~ Computercraft Turtles ~ BANNED DIMENSIONS: ~ DEEP DARK ~ LAST MILLENIUM ~
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