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  1. Thanks for the clarification! We've actually made a lot more modpacks before, and this one is going to be different then what we normally make. We are going with an actual theme this time (not a bunch of random fun mods, like for example, attack of the bteam which has no theme). Ill make a new post with clarification, some mods, maybe a poll, etc. If someone could delete this thread that would be amazing (its now irrelevant). Thanks.
  2. We are creating a new modpack, and need your ideas! Comment below anything you think would make a good modpack idea. One idea we had so far was to make a 'normal' modpack. In this modpack, it would have TONS of mods, but we would specifically choose them to avoid people becoming extremely OP. We would avoid all kinds of witchery, draconic evolution, and things that could possibly make you immortal or unkillable. It would also have guns and vehicles be the main weapons, and possibly have drugs of some sort to add a little spice. But of course, that's just an idea! Please, comment what you
  3. omg thank you your the best im an idiot lol i didnt scroll down
  4. No, it set to 1.7.9 I can't seem to find the 1.7.10 option, but I thought they were the same?
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