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  1. hello hideaway you are looking for a admin for your server i would love to do it i have a pretty decent amount of computer skill (because i run a 2 man Tekkit server for me and a friend) and i fell that i can be very helpful with problem solving and keeping the peace. contact me if you want to talk more.

  2. Small tekkit lite server admin & builder recruitment Hey guys! :-) As the tittle says I'am looking for an admin and a builder for a new fresh server. New course of my leak knowledge on server configuration (plugins, permission, groups, items ban and so on ) I need an admin that can take care of that, I will of course provide you with full ftp access to the server for easy access to config files and op status + reserved slot. The builders main job will be to help build an nice spawn ware we will get shops and so on. You will of course also be rewarded with op and reserved slot on the server. The server itself will be an pretty standard small one on 20 slots with custom mod pack for the use of forestry (I already made that and the nassery config files) Replay here or pm me for more details :-)
  3. Mod Edit: Anyone looking at this thread should see the last post.
  4. Do you have problems running a 4 man server on 20 mbit up... Wow
  5. well the server have runned for quit some time now and its on 4gb off used ram so i just tut that i will need that amount ? thx for letting me know how musts you think 20 will be more than fine i guess
  6. Hey Guys I just build a new server, we are 4 on ATM and things are running really good, so we was thinking about making it go public, but i don't know if it is yet powerfull enough Server Info: Intel Core i3-3220T Ivy Bridge 2.8GhZ Dual Core (Hyper-Threading 4 Threads) Corsair Vengeance 16gb (12Gb Go to the server alone) Intel 520 SSD Series - 60GB And my internet speed atm are 50mbit down 5 Up so i will like to know how many slots you think this can handle, and are there like an golden rule that say fx. 50kb/s upload Pr. player ?